Porn Site Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pornorama?

Pornorama is a site dedicated for porn reviews. Its main goal is to give you insights about a porn site, its sample video and gallery also their pricing and contents. Pornorama knows the value of your hard earned money so we give you the information that you need that will help you decide in which site you wish to subscribe.

How can I easily search for a site review?

At the upper right part of the site you will see the search box. Just type in the site name that you wish to view in the search box and then click on the search button then the result will be shown in the page.

How can I comment in a posted review?

Below the page of every review there’s a box which says “Your Comment”. You can type in your comment and press “Submit” and we will screen it then approve within the 24 hours after it was posted.

Where can I send my suggestion regarding the review, a site to be reviewed or anything about Pornorama?

You can send us a message by visiting the Contact Us page and tell us your suggestion.

I can’t download the video, is there any other way?

There’s a “Download Sample Video” button that you can click and it will automatically download the video. If ever it won’t work you can always right click the “Download Sample Video” button and then select “Save link as” and then save the video to your desired file destination.

How to report a broken link, picture or a missing page?

You can send us a message by visiting the Contact Us page and report to us the url.

Why can’t I play the sample video?

The videos are in different kinds of video format so you have to install the right codec or the right player for the video in your PC. You can consult google for that.

I can’t get to the site when I click on “Click here to visit” button?

If that happens our link is not working, please report it by going to the Contact Page. Otherwise just copy the URL of the site which can be found in the description.

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